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Undiscovered Entrepreneur

Undiscovered Entrepreneur

The Undiscovered Entrepreneur!! A podcast for brand new entrepreneurs that want advice from other entrepreneurs that are just getting started just like they are. I am building a community that can learn from each other, support one another, and follow the progress of each story. Join me, DJ Skoob as we try to figure out how this entrepreneur stuff works.

Recent Episodes

Greg owner of Next Era Office a new spin on CRM

June 6, 2023

In this action-packed episode of Undiscovered Entrepreneur, tune in to the captivating entrepreneurial adventures of Greg and DJ Skoob! Get ready for a wild ride as they unravel the secrets to achieving business success. Joi…

Coaching of Mikhail owner of Mudwalker Productions

May 30, 2023

Overcoming Fear and Building a Thriving Community: A Journey into Zombie Stories In this captivating episode, host DJskoob engages in an inspiring conversation with guest Mikhail, an aspiring podcaster specializing in zombie…

Michael Schill the owner of Full Circle Agency and his story

May 23, 2023

uepodcast.net Michael Schill and DJskoob discuss the importance of focusing on the viewers in a podcast and how it is beneficial for them to take action right away. They also talk about Michael's goals for the next six month…

Debra Nute second Coaching follow up

May 16, 2023

uepodcast.net In this coaching addition of Undiscovered Entrepreneur we Follow up with Debra Nute for a one month follow up to see what she has done with the coaching information of the previous coaching. We also teach her t…

Joseph Gissy New Entrepreneur In Digital Marketing

May 9, 2023

uepodcast.net In this episode, DJSkoob interviews Joseph Gissy, a new successful entrepreneur who prioritizes his family and helping others over money. They discuss the importance of time management for solo entrepreneurs, a…

Coaching of Joe Burakoff owner of the Blind Knowledge podcast

May 2, 2023

uepodcast.net In this coaching we help with Ideas of moving to the next level for his podcast and audio video company. We discuss Numospect and how it could help with reaching the next level. We also talk about how to find h…

Recent Blog Posts

Episode 37

uepodcast.net Today on Undiscovered Entrepreneur we talk to fellow podcaster and good friend Snow Leopard about his entrepreneurial adventure. He has great asperations of having a physical product for his Tarot readings and we also talk in grea…

Episode 38

uepodcast.net This amazing episode is with a great podcasting friend DinaLynn. With the combination of her experiences in the Language Pathologist field and the love of children, she has put together one of the most comprehensive parenting podc…

Episode 36

uepodcast.net Today on Undiscovered Entrepreneur we speak to our third and final entrepreneur from our 3 part series of experienced entrepreneurs. Bryan Clayton is the owner if Greenpal, the most used app. in the east USA to book lawn care…

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