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Aug. 30, 2022

Alyssa Crites Young Social Media Manager and Entrepreneur

Alyssa Crites Young Social Media Manager and Entrepreneur
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uepodcast.net Hello Skoobeliever and welcome to episode 24 where we talk to a young up and coming Social media manager and entrepreneur Alyssa Crites. In this episode we talk about being young in the entrepreneurial world, her amazing family including an amazing mother and aunt. We talk in great detail about believing in yourself when it comes to your entrepreneurial adventure, and what it means to nitch down. There is a lot of great information that will be beneficial to anyone. Get all contact information in the show notes below.

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Alyssa Renée CritesProfile Photo

Alyssa Renée Crites

Social Media Manager/ Entrepreneur

Short Intro Bio: Alyssa Crites is a creative mind who helps businesses share their voice across social media platforms.Working through college in the marketing and management industry while studying transformational leadership has sent her down the path of becoming a self-made entrepreneur. Alyssa wants to inspire and develop other young or underestimated professionals, by guiding them to follow their dreams and ambitions.

About me: The Founder and Creator of The Social Butterfly. She is a Social Media Manager for businesses, sharing their voice on all social platforms; as well as a budding entrepreneur conjuring up new ideas everyday. She is leaning into the industry with the creation of her new podcast 'Lead the Way', and is in the beginnings of writing an inspiring leadership book.

Her goal is to provide the tools and guidance necessary for other young or underestimated entrepreneurs who want to follow their dreams. She wants to change the narrative that the young can not be successful until they are older.

"You should not have to wait to live the life you dream of. You just need the right resources and people around you. Join me in the journey of guiding, finding and developing the leaders of tomorrow. Together, we can cultivate the transformational change we want to see in this world."