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July 19, 2022

Barbara and Joan from Healingheadbands.com healing through laughter

Barbara and Joan from Healingheadbands.com healing through laughter
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uepodcast.net Today on episode 21 and 2 of 3 in our 3 block series of experienced entrepreneurs we have a first for our program. we speak to 2 co owners of a company called  healingheadbandsBarbra and Joan. This amazing duo go to hospitals and teach the healing power of laughter. In this episode we talk about their experences in starting up and where they came up with the idea for their company. They are  former students of a class called aath.
Association for Applied and Therapeutic Humor. If you would like to know more about Barbra and Joan an their adventures here, listen to the podcast and click on the show notes below.

Show notes ................ tuepodcast.net/episode21

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