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June 15, 2021

And away we go!!

Well hello all you Skoobelevers. My podcast will be born tomorrow! I am so excited I don't know if I'm going to be able to sleep tonight. I am currently feverishly working to make sure that all the preparation are complete. I want to make sure its a strong first day. at tis point, I don't want anyone to buy anything, I just want them to listen to me and learn my voice. Just a few downloads would be great. even if its just friends.


I have been working for a year to get to this point. And the funny thing is I did not set out to be a podcaster in the beginning. I was going to be a karaoke DJ and Music DJ. I heard on a crowdfunding podcast ( Crowdfunding nerds) that a good way to successfully have a crowdfunding campaign was to start a podcast and develop a following. So I started educating myself on how to put one together. After about 6 months, it started to take shape. I got an old Yeti microphone a friend gave me and started to emulate some of the podcasters I listen to. I built a sound booth out of some boxes I got from work. And as of tomorrow I will have a show. The funny thing about it is that the more interviews I did for my show the less I was worried about if I was going to make any money for my karaoke business and more about how many people I could help get their business some attraction through my podcast.


My next blog post will be more about the podcast itself and where I came up with my format.