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May 10, 2022

Contact information

Company name                 Piano Tie Legacies

Owner                                Jesse Blount

Contact information

   Phone Number         (417)337-2273

   Eamil Address    jdblount35@gmail.com

   Twitter                @djskoob2021

   Facebook            Piano Tie Legacies

   Web Site             uepodcast.net


Short Bio

    I am Jesse Blount. I am the host of a podcast called Undiscovered Entrepreneur. I interview entrepreneurs that are less then a year in their adventure. We learn and grow with each other and hold each other accountable for our goals. If you are less then a year in your entrepreneurial adventure, contact me for a pre-interview at one of the contact points listed above. If you are more then a year I still might have a space for you un my program. Thank you for your consideration. 

    I am also looking for investors to help me with a very important project for the city of Branson. I am looking for financial help to put together a speaking engagement for a very accomplished entrepreneur, podcaster and keynote speaker named Chris Brogan. He is looking for a public platform to speak on here in Branson and has placed me in charge to facilitate this request. If you would like to join me in putting this speaking engagement together please contact me at one of the contact points listed above. Thank you in advance!