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May 8, 2022

episode 16

 Today on the Undiscovered Entrepreneur. We talk to Husnain Tariq from Pakistan. Husnain is the CEO of Sapiens. He is has developed a way to use A.I. and goal setting to improve the life span of people that are high risk for disease and help people live a longer better life. We go over his product and how he plans to market it not just un Pakistan but how to get his information all over the world to benefit all!    


Guest...........   Husnain Tariq

Host ...........  DJ Skoob

Sapiens Way

We access your condition and then depending upon the severity, we develop a disease action plan. First, we try to slow the progression of the disease to the advanced stage and then we try to reverse it to a less mild stage. We strive to take care of your condition for ‘n’ number of years. We are highly strategic with our interventions and treat every individual as per the need of the therapy

Website...............  sapiensin.com