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May 22, 2022

Episode 17

 This episode of the Undiscovered Entrepreneur we are listening to a Trevor Tomion Lead facilitator of Common Leaders LLC. 

Starting out at a young age, he started by growing pumpkins and selling them to farmers. As he grew up he got a job as a speech therapist for children for a company but wanted to make his own schedule.  For that reason he started coaching business to help other entrepreneurs.

We talking about niching down, How sales have been difficult, boundaries, and our awesome mothers!

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Trevor Tomion is the Lead Facilitator at Common Leaders, LLC. Common Leaders, is a company dedicated to leveraging widely accessible platforms to share knowledge, skills and experiences of leaders and for leaders. Trevor has published a variety of content exploring leadership, creativity, hiring, getting hired, gratitude and finding excellent examples of leadership from places most don’t think to look.
Common Leaders offers coaching and training services for small businesses, start-ups, entrepreneurs, students and job seekers. 
Outside of his professional role Trevor enjoys reading, connecting with friends, growing plants, and exploring most life opportunities that present themselves… and engaging with dangerous conversations!


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