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Nov. 30, 2021



The Undiscovered Entrepreneur introduces Phillip Hughes!! Philip Hughes is a software developer from the UK that has made an amazing analytic program called Elementary Analytics. This fantastic software program takes the analytics from all the important places like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and even Google and gives you the data in a way anyone can understand.

After years as a programmer and app maker he decided to make a program to help him keep track of his analytics in a quick easy way. Now he turns hours of searching and gathering information into something that takes seconds. After showing the program to others he decided to market it. We talk about how having the smallest viable product to test the market first before a full build to see if the product is viable.

He talks about project graveyard. How he has programs that just don't see the light of day

He speaks about how he knows that he made it by quitting his job and his story about why this is his ultimate goal. 

We talk about how simple, is the separator from other analytical programs and his. If you get to much information you get frustrated and walk away.  

Listen carefully as he describes his asperations for his future and what it would mean to reach his goal in subscriptions.

Please also enjoy the latest update on the process of setting up a professional speaking engagement.

If you would like more information about Elementary Analytics please click on my affiliate link for a demonstration and a free 14 day trial with no credit card needed.               


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