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June 28, 2022

Genny Grady New Candle Maker and Special Episode 19.5

Genny Grady New Candle Maker and Special Episode 19.5
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uepodcast.net This is a special episode that I am putting in the middle of my normal 2 week release time for you to enjoy and to also help Genny Grady. She is a new candle maker that needs help in getting customers and Ideas on how to market her candles.

just a fair warning!!n The audio quality of this episode due to the fact I forgot to hit the record button. I have a back up camera that I use just incase of this exact event. I also use this footage for a Patron channel I have. So even though the quality isn't the best, I wanted to help Genny as much as possible.  Please Click on the show notes to get Genny's contact information if you would like to help her out. Thank you Skoobelievers. 

Shownotes ...............   uepodcast.net/episode19.5

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