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Feb. 15, 2022

Interview with DJSkoob On Enolve Podcast ep. 10

Interview with DJSkoob On Enolve Podcast ep. 10
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This episode is an astonishing number 10!! In this fantastic episode of Undiscovered Entrepreneur we flip the script as my friend Oliver Siegel interviews me in his podcast Enolve Problem Solving podcast. We go over my goals and the origin story of my podcast. Keep in mind the time this interview took place I was still under my old podcast name The Untitled entrepreneur. Take a listen and see what hapend next

Show Notes ............................ tuepodcast.net/episode10   

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JD Skoob

First Interview With Myself

I am the host of The Untitled Entrepreneur. I have spent most of my life in sales and service industry. Over the last year I have been studying and listing to podcasts and books for 8 hours a day while I work my day job. This has allowed me to accumulate a vast knowledge of entrepreneurship from the likes of Seth Godin, Brian Tracy,and Zig Zigler. Also, podcasters like JLD from Entrepreneur On Fire and Pat Flynn from Smart Passive Income. My goal in this podcast is to help new entrepreneurs that are less then a year into there adventure, have a place to go to learn from others that are going through similar experiences and learn, encourage, and hold each other accountable for there goals. I feel we all have something to learn from not only people that have taken the journey, but from people that are just getting started.