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May 23, 2023

Michael Schill the owner of Full Circle Agency and his story

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Michael Schill and DJskoob discuss the importance of focusing on the viewers in a podcast and how it is beneficial for them to take action right away. They also talk about Michael's goals for the next six months, which include 40 large size businesses for email automation and SMS automation, and reaching the five million mark in the marketing and advertising space. Michael reiterates the importance of a positive mindset and shares his confidence in achieving their goals. Finally, DJskoob asks Michael to talk about his company again and how to get in touch with him for his services.

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Hello, scuba leavers. And welcome to another episode of the undiscovered entrepreneur with me, DJ Scoob.

Coming at you with whatever device you happen to be listening on. All right today. So we have a really special, special interview today with a gentleman named Michael Schill. Uh, Michael shell actually owns. Full circle agency, which is a fully digital agency.

What sells a whole variety of different types of. Digital products to help us in our entrepreneurial adventure. This guy has a ton of energy, so I hope you're ready for this.

So let's all take a good listen to Michael's show of full circle agency. .

DJskoob: Skoobelievers, and we are here again with another amazing entrepreneur. . Today we're talking to Michael. Hey Michael. How's it going?

Mike: What is good?

[00:01:00] What is good? Happy to be here alive. Well, and and bro, this is gonna be a great conversation, man. Thanks so much for the opportunity.

DJskoob: Fantastic. I'm really looking forward to this, but I think the one thing I'm really looking forward is to ask you this very important question. Are you a school believer?

Mike: Come on man, let's be realistic. If you ain't, what are you really in the first place? But yes, man, of course I am. And um, And, uh, yeah, man, of course.

DJskoob: All right. That's of course. All right, thanks Michael. Thank you for being a school believer. I really appreciate you. All right? Yes, sir. So we're gonna start off here.

If you could just kind of gimme an idea of, of, obviously you're Michael, but who you are, uh, what you do, where you come from, and how long you've actually been doing your entrepreneur adventure for.

Mike: Yeah. So again, to, to all the listeners available here today. I mean, I appreciate the time that you're taking out to listen to a guy like me.

Um, real brief, real brief. You know, Mike Sch, uh, CEO of the Full Circle Agency. It's a digital marketing and advertising firm down here in Miami, Florida. [00:02:00] Um, again, I'm the founder of that organization. We've been rocking and rolling for upwards of about a year and four months now. So relatively new in the sense of starting, but not relatively new in the sense of knowledge.

Where I come from, um, you know, went to school at, for state university, had the opportunity to play ball at for state university under Bobby Bowden and Jimbo Fisher. So that was incredible. After college went right on into Stales Orthopedic and pharmaceutical sales. I think that was incredible.

I think that's a. A thing that everybody shouldn't know how to do. I think it is the most important thing to learn how to do when, when wanting to consider entrepreneurship because at every single second of the day, you're selling yourself and you're selling others while selling yourself. And, and it is, it is everything, you know.

Fast forward a little bit after doing the pharmaceutical sales, had the opportunity to work along, uh, a gentleman by the name of Grant Cardone for five years. [00:03:00] Help operate and overstock hundreds of companies, sales, marketing, advertising, leadership, just the whole essence of, of really what it takes to run multi-billion dollar organizations from the ground up.

And, and I think that that schooling, that schooling was the, the number one indicator that it was time to, to start my own thing. So that's why I say, you know, I was exposed to something at an extremely high level. And then had to learn and was forced to learn those principles and taught those principles to, to massive organizations.

And it got to the point where it was, it was like, okay, I, I understand this thing. Let's go ahead and adopt it in mind. So that was that turning point for myself and starting the Full Circle agency and, um, what we're taking this thing by Storm Man, like it's, it's if we will be a billion dollar organization, man, like I, I'm not even like that, that that's low ball.

That's low ball.

DJskoob: I love the high [00:04:00] aspirations. That's amazing. Michael, so you say you, your first crc full circle's only been about a year, year and a half. Is that what you're saying? Correct. Yeah. Mm-hmm. All right. Kind of new. I like it. I like it. That's good stuff. So what actually made you wanna start your business?

I get you, you were exposed to these great things and you're, you're, you worked under Grant Cardone. That's fantastic. Great guy. I know who he is and what he's about. Fantastic. But what was the catalyst that actually got you started? I mean, what was the thing that happened that said, this is what I want to do?

Mike: Yeah. , I, , there's never a right time to do anything. You know, so I can't say it was one specific thing that made me, that made me go ahead and jump. But what I will say is that I had a ha aha moment. In the Aha moment was I can either help someone else get to 7 billion, or I can go capture my first.

And that was it. The way, you know, , , it's very, very, very, uh, [00:05:00] straight to the point you see in, in that organization having the opportunity to be there, guys. We're training every single day on sales. You're making 350 to 400 outbound cold calls. You're working with high level executives on a day in and day out basis.

Um, you know, outta 365 days, you're probably working 360. That was five years being in that high environment. You do that a little bit and, and then all of a sudden you realize, okay, alright, let's rock. I've seen it, so I wouldn't say it's one thing, but I would say it was a series of several things that compounded, but the number one thing is the confidence.

And I think that that confidence is huge. And I think that , , when you start anything, You gotta have a certain level of confidence in yourself in order to take that first step. No, not everything's gonna be easy, but at least having that confidence and that confidence started to erupt inside me, and as it did, it made more sense to go ahead and move forward.

Five years ago, I would've [00:06:00] never done it because I didn't even know how to overcome the simple objection. I gotta think about it. Mm. Now we're negotiating, um, , with companies like Lions, not sheep, with eBay, with, with, with Shine On, with, with Footlocker. Like those are our clients right now. And, and we're ta I'm telling you right now, we will be worth a billion.

Like, this is not a joke. This is not, this is not difficult. You just gotta be 100% focused and you gotta train. So, so I think that that confidence is the number one thing, man. I think that that confidence is the number one thing.

DJskoob: Awesome. That's amazing. Helping someone else achieve their dreams, or are you gonna achieve your own dreams?

I mean, that's the thing that really sticks out for me, especially when you're just getting started too. Especially in a situation where you're working for somebody else, you're having so much success for somebody else, but what are you really actually doing for yourself? Really what's it come down to and says, am I gonna help him achieve his dream?

Or am I going to achieve my dream? And that's really what it boils down to there. And having the self-confidence to be able to [00:07:00] go out there and get that, go out and grab those dreams. Mm-hmm. And hold onto 'em real tight. Uh, a lot of people, especially getting, uh, getting started like us, we come across a lot of, uh,

Imposter syndrome. And I think that a lot of that has to do with not having that self-confidence for themselves. Mm-hmm. Um, what do you think about imposter syndrome? I mean, did you go through it at the beginning too, or,

Mike: yeah, so, so I think we all have a little bit of imposter syndrome, that imposter syndrome rather that.

, that presents itself from time to time. Mm-hmm. Did I go through that a little bit? You know, of course. But, but look like when you can resort back to things that you accomplished or things that you did do, um, or some of the success you have had in. It kind of pushes that out the window.

You know the difference between working for somebody and working for yourself. It's, it's really like two or three things. Number one, [00:08:00] you have to hold yourself fully accountable and it's all on you, and that's a scary thing sometimes. There is no one holding you till five or six there, there aren't leads that are being paid for that are coming in the, the marketing and advertising you.

It's not something that, you know, it, it begins to be something that you have to worry about. You gotta worry about your staff as opposed to being part of a staff. Mm-hmm. , it's kind like you, you, you've got skin in the game actually. You actually got skin in the game. So that piece is a little bit shaky at times, but then you gotta just resort back to, man, when I was working at X, Y, and Z, or if I'm, if I'm working at X, Y, and Z currently, and I'm looking to take that next step in the entrepreneurship, man, pick your head up and look around at what you're accomplishing.

Pick your head up and look around at the systems and processes that are working. Pick your head up and look around , at what it is that you're doing each and every single day. I mean, honestly, when you work for somebody else, You're practicing on somebody else's dime. So utilize that. [00:09:00] So utilize that.

So that's what I would say in response to that, that question that she

DJskoob: just asked you. Yeah, and I like that too. Look around and see what you're actually accomplishing. See the things that you've actually done and take that to heart cuz you've actually did that for yourself. You didn't do it for somebody else, you didn't do it for that big boss that's sitting up there.

You did it for you. And build off of that and build and, and get to where you are. So that's fantastic. Thank you so much, Michael. I appreciate that. Yeah, man. Of course. All right, so, um, in the year and a half that you actually have been doing, um, full circle, have you experienced any problems, pitfalls, struggles?

I mean, what has been your biggest struggle up to this

Mike: point? Yeah, I think my biggest struggle, our company's biggest struggle is the struggle that we all have, which is also one of the catalysts for, for starting a, a digital marketing and advertising firm being known. I am not Elon Musk. I am not Apple. I am not Zephyr Hills.[00:10:00]

I am not Ford. . It takes a ton of brute force to develop a name and a brand for yourself, and I feel that if you are looking to get into entrepreneurship, if you just started entrepreneurship, Double down on brand recognition, double down on on you as yourself and, and the impression that you have in the marketplace.

Get out there and speak. Get out there and communicate. You see, this personal brand thing is something that can't be stripped away from you. Like I do it all for my last name. Ain't nobody gonna take away your last name, but you can either build your last name or do nothing with it. So the biggest struggle for us, the biggest struggle for us is being known and we're doing anything and everything that we can in our power to actually accomplish that.

But I feel that that's every single person's biggest struggle is being known. Because if, if I was Apple, I, I, you know, money, money doesn't, money isn't everything, [00:11:00] but it solves a, a crap ton of problems. And the only way to get money is by being known. That's it. Like when you, when you make it as simple as possible.

That is, that is literally the deal. That's what we do for our clients and, and that is the primary area of focus for us. So the biggest pitfall, the biggest struggle is that, um, that's everything. Okay. That's literally everything.

DJskoob: Yeah. That's cool. So what are we doing to, what are we doing to get over that pitfall?

What are we getting doing to get over that struggle? How are we getting known?

Mike: Oh my gosh, guys. What We're speaking at events, we're writing articles, we're on podcasts, we're doing blogs, we're optimizing our LinkedIn, we're leveraging social media platforms. Um, we're hosting Zoom calls. We're we're hosting private coaching sessions.

, we're doing anything like, you gotta be everywhere. What are you doing to be known, man? It's like you could, you could. You could [00:12:00] go on tv, you could go on the radio, you could be in the newspaper, you could, you could have articles written about you in magazines. Like those are the things that we're doing all at the exact same time because with Mindshare and market share comes opportunities.

So those are the things we're doing to be known, and we will constantly do those things as we continue to build. Because if you don't do those things or if you stop doing those things, you don't have momentum. What I would also say to this, for any person who's about get into entrepreneurship, Focus on your craft right now.

Focus on your brand right now. Mm-hmm. Like, focus on your personal brand right this second. Because there's that's one thing that, uh, um, a mentor told me and he said, . And I'll never forget it. This said it is easier to connect with a face and a voice than it is with a logo.

Hmm. And so you gotta be, you gotta be that face and that voice, because if you can build your own personal brand and you have an incredible following, then anything that you attach yourself to will [00:13:00] automatically get traction. It's just everything, man. No, there's nothing else is more important.

DJskoob: That's right.

That's right. That's really awesome. Being known, being known for who you are and what you do and what you, what you've accomplished. You know, being known that you're helping others. , and what their problems and struggles are and being, having that product or whatever to get them to that next level.

Mm-hmm. That's amazing. That's really good to have to work on that personal brand. And you're right, work on your personal brand. Now when you're small, that way it can grow with you and help you grow. , if it's, if you get too late, then it's too late and , there's a disassociation there. And you're not gonna grow as belong as big as you could.

So, so I, I noticed that you talked about a mentor that you had. One of the things I really like talking about is mentors. Now we, obviously there's Grant Cardone, we talked about him already. He's a mentor. We already know all that, so I'm gonna skip him. Mm-hmm. But do you have one or two mentors that you could, that has kind of pushed you along in your entrepreneur adventure?

Mike: Yeah, of course. Um, I [00:14:00] have, uh, a gentleman by the name of Brandon Dolphin. You know, great mentor. He exited his last company at 77 times ebitda, the highest publicly, uh, traded company, exiting the history of mankind. That's an incredible mentor. Um, and then I have my coaches, my past coaches, uh, , when playing sports at a high level.

And those are my mentors as well. The thing I would say to as it relates to a mentor is that if they've done it once, I wouldn't use them as a mentor. If they've done it twice and wouldn't use 'em as a mentor, if they haven't done the thing over and over and over and over and over again. They can predict results based off what it's that they're doing and what it is that you're doing.

There's no need for you to talk to em because they haven't even figured it out themselves. So, so those are my, those are my mentors. And the thing I would say to look for in mentors is have you done it once? Have you done it twice? Have you done it 10 times with the exact fame result or incrementally [00:15:00] growing result?

And if you haven't done those things, you don't need to be talking to those people. It's a waste of time.

DJskoob: Well, there you go. Special advice of how to pick out a mentor, ladies and gentlemen. Thank you, Michael. I appreciate that. Yes, sir. So, I know you haven't been doing this very long and I, I really, I was really looking forward to this question with you, but how will you know you've made it?

Mm-hmm. I mean, especially with the big aspirations you have for yourself and for your company. How will you know when you've actually made it, when who you get to that particular point and say, this is exactly where I want to be at this particular time. Money aside, when will you know, you've made it?

Mike: Yeah.

Um, I don't think I'm ever gonna make it because I don't think I'm ever gonna feel like I'm gonna make it because I feel, you know, it's like sports. It's like you run a four four and then you're like, oh man, maybe I can run a four three for the guys out there. And I never ran a four three. I ran a four four, but never ran a four three.

For the guys who run a four three, they're like, dang, maybe I can run a four too. It's like every single time you get to that next level, there's always something more. But if there [00:16:00] was a point. Where I could say, okay, I've tapped into my true potential. It's gonna be when I, when I meet the goals that I write down every single morning, every single evening.

And that is to be a New York Times bestselling author on the cover of fours magazine, worth 8 billion living in downtown New York. Abra provide 10 million foster kids with homes. Cuz, cuz we were adopted, you know, growing up, right? Mm-hmm. Had two baseball academies of Dominican Republic. Half ownership of a professional sports team and have 25,000 units paying me every single day in multi-family.

When I get there, we can have a conversation. That's the ultimate goal. That's the ultimate thing. And you guys may be thinking that this is so massive and this is so big. It's not. It really isn't. And that's the problem, man. We're, we're accustomed to thinking so damn small. When, when transactions are going on of, of two and 3 trillion right before our eyes that we didn't even know.

So, so like, think massive [00:17:00] guys. Cause cause it is available and this, it is out there. You just gotta actually put in the real work. That's all it is, man. I'm, I'm figuring that out. This thing, , this entrepreneurship thing is just a game. Right. Are you willing to play it? That's it, bro. That's all.

It's, that's all. It's,

DJskoob: I noticed you put a few things into football terms. You used to be, you used

Mike: to play. Yeah. So , that wasn't, I did out Florida State football. That's awesome. What,

DJskoob: what'd you play?

Mike: Uh, defensive. Defensive act.

DJskoob: Cool. I was a lineman in high school. I, I didn't give much further to that, but yeah.

Mike: Hey, whatever, whatever man. You guys are my guys, man. I love you guys cause if you can provide ion and they don't get throw off and don't gotta do anything. So

DJskoob: the whole 4, 4, 3 and four two thing. Me in there. Sorry. Yeah.

All right. That's cool. Having a daily goal is really good, especially when you're just getting started, but you still want to have those rule, the, the far reach goals, those far star, those star reach [00:18:00] goals. Cuz you know what, even if you don't reach those stars, you'll hit the moon, right? Mm-hmm mm-hmm. To always

Mike: have those rules, goals, the inspiration, right?

Because that motivation is good, but like as an entrepreneur, we're, bro, that motivation goes up and down with the hours, man, like. You can't go based off motivation. So you gotta have the park big enough where you get inspired to do the things that you don't wanna do or to go through the things that are sometimes troublesome.

Because if you don't have that big time thing, like it just gets, it gets mundane. Mm-hmm. , and then you don't do, and nothing happens when you don't do. So that's why I have those big ones, you know? Yeah.

DJskoob: And things only happen when you're making 'em happening. Yeah, man. Seriously. Seriously.

All right, cool. All right, so, uh, just as an example, let's just throw this out. If you were to actually to meet someone that wants to do a similar entrepreneur's venture as you and the marketing and the digital marketing, that kind of [00:19:00] thing, what kind of advice would you give them? What kind of steps would you have them take to get there?

Mike: Yeah, yeah, that's a good question, man. Um, I would say this much that.

In order to speed up time, you don't have to learn everything, you know? Um, what we were able to do, what I was able to do is I, I was able to connect the dots with, with, with different people who brought in different skill sets as related to the marketing and advertising. Now, don't get a twisted, y'all. I know a ton about marketing and advertising a ton about it, but I also knew that.

There's certain things that I would have to go to school for, I'd have to teach myself, which would take me 8, 9, 10, 11 months to perfect. As opposed, as opposed to partnering up with people in selling them on the fact that they should hop on the team in order to expedite the process. It took me to take our concept to market.

So, , it is. Listen, you don't have to [00:20:00] learn everything in order to be an entrepreneur for your business. You just gotta sync up with the right people. So if there's a skillset or series of skillset sets that you're lacking, it's okay. You know, business is, is crazy. , it's the service or the fulfillment, but then it's also the selling piece.

I know my strong suit is sales. I know my strong suit is being the face of whatever it is. I know my strong suit is communication, right? Some other people may not have those strong suits. But, but their strong suits are email marketing and advertising or optimizing , of price per acquisition of customer or, whatever it is.

You know, we connected the dots. I didn't just make myself another dot because that would take me two, three years and I don't got two to three years of waste. So that's what I would say. If you're gonna start something out. You know, you don't have to know everything, but if you don't know everything, get someone on the team that does know the things that you don't, and then realize that you can have the best product or idea in the [00:21:00] world, but if you don't know how to sell it, that's a problem.

So you better know how to sell.

DJskoob: That's right. Surround yourself with people that can teach you or learn things that they're smarter than you. That way you can take the learnings can teach you and kind of use it as like a shortcut to get to where you want to be. I mean, it all depends on where your, your zone of genius is and where it's not.

And if it's not part of your zon of genius. Get somebody in there that can be the part, that part or learn from them. And on-time learning is something I'm always talking about too in all my podcasts. Learn what you need to do to get to the next level and then learn things from there. That way you don't have to learn everything that you need to know to actually get to the end of the road.

There. You can learn as you go and make money as you go and learn and just learn as things progress. So that's really great advice.

Mike: Absolutely. I'm 100% agreeance with that. You, you hit it right on the head. You hit it right on

DJskoob: the head. Awesome. So here's a scenario for, I'm gonna throw this at you. I hope you're right for this.

Okay. [00:22:00] So that's right. Right. So say I was looking for somebody that has your expertise, the digital marketing and things like that, but I have two other people that are doing the same thing for the same exact money that you are. Mm-hmm. So what would set you apart from these other two? Why would

Mike: they go with you?

Yeah, that's a good question, man. Now we're getting into sales, bro. , now we're taking our into this thing, man. And this is something that you're gonna deal with on a day-to-day basis. You know, competition is out there. , every, the reason why people don't make decisions is because they're not cing enough in themselves that they're making the right one.

And the reasons why people do make decisions is because the, the value supersedes the price or the cost. , if, if you're in a situation where what you provide is the exact same price point as what everybody else provides, , a common rule is you never, ever, ever decrease price. You only raise value.

So where someone is [00:23:00] not willing to give, you need to be willing to give tenfold. For instance, let's say, you know, let's say , we're watching cars. Okay. And every single person has the exact same price point to wash a car, right? But you include wax in. Or you include a free, a vacuum, whatever it may be, whatever it may be.

Now, this is just an example, but you gotta see, you gotta use add-ons as the negotiations. You don't use the actual product and service when you're negotiating. So what more can I bring to the table that's value, that's value oriented accountability of coaching calls. Um, reassessment analysis, opening up your book of business to somebody else, or, or maybe it's, Hey, we can do the deal.

And what I know is we're, we're the exact same price point of everybody else, so what I'm willing to do is I also know you're looking to accomplish X, Y, and z. I happen to have a direct contact with so and so who, who, who specialize in the exact [00:24:00] same thing so we can do the deal today. Not only are we gonna say what was promised.

It gets done, but what I'll do is I'll open up that context so you can go ahead and achieve above and beyond what were you looking to achieve with us. Fair enough. It's just different. You gotta be different, but you never, never lower price. Never. Never

DJskoob: agreed. Now, I, I'm a 16 year car salesman, so I could definitely attest to all of what you just said.

Oh, cars, yes. Yeah, man. Yeah. So, but I mean, when you're, when you drop your price like that, all you're doing is just the race to the bottom. You're, you're not really achieving anything anymore. You're just just trying to beat somebody else on price. But when you can actually have that value, equal the cost, it really makes a big difference in what you actually can give to your customer.

So instead of changing prices and Dr. Making that race to the bottom, raise the value of what you're trying to accomplish. Make them feel good. , get them to where they want to achieve their goals, and just use the add-ons to be able to achieve that. [00:25:00] And having the confidence in yourself and the know-how to be able to hit those value points when you get to, to that point of your sale.

So, absolutely good stuff, Michael.

Mike: Yes, sir. Yes sir. Hey, shout out to all the car sales involved. I love you guys. I love you guys,

DJskoob: man. It was, it was definitely a, it was definitely an experience, man, but that's where I get most of my sales experience from, is my car sales. So it's good stuff. I wouldn't trade it for anything.

Mm-hmm. Even though it was tough. Mm-hmm. No, it was definitely a, a, a character builder.

Mike: Yeah. No, 100% man, 100% salute to you, man. Cause that's real. , that is real. That's real. So, yeah.

DJskoob: All right. So here is one of my favorite questions that I did steal this from another podcast, so sorry everybody, but I was looking forward to asking you this one too.

Um, what is the one question you wish I would've asked you, but I didn't, I always miss one really good question that everybody's looking forward to in their, in their interview. I was like, oh, I really wish he would ask this question. That way he could answer this perfectly. So [00:26:00] what do you think, Michael?

What do you think is the best question I could have asked you, but I didn't.

Mike: Man, that's a hard question, man. Um,

man, that's a hard one. That's a hard one. That's a hard one. Um, you know, I, I, I'm gonna say this once folks, and, and to you, sir. Incredible questions. Everything was spot on. Um, , I think that, um, We already covered that before we hopped on this thing. And the folks don't realize it because we were going back and forth and, and I think, I think we covered the thing.

It's like, what, what would be the most successful thing to highlight and cover on this deal? , and, and we both responded. I think it's gonna be the thing. That is most beneficial to the viewers. Like sometimes , it's not, these podcasts are not about you. It's not about me.

It's not about your success. It's not about my successes. And quite frankly, I don't believe I've had any success in the grand scheme of things. Right. Well, I'm on chapter one of a book , of 45,000 chapters. Right, [00:27:00] right. But I think it's the viewer. I think it's the viewers. So just understanding the viewers and understanding where they're coming from.

Um, that's huge. That's huge. Um, that, that's the only thing I can say to that because I mean, you've phenomenal man.

DJskoob: No, that's good. And that's really what it, these podcasts, if you've ever to listen into my other podcasts, it's the same thing. It's all about y'all. It's all about, you know, helping you along in your entrepreneur adventure. Not just me, not just Michael, but all my school believers out there that are looking to start an entrepreneur adventure.

And take everything that we've talked to in these podcasts, especially this awesome podcast we're having with Michael to heart. And that way you could learn, you could start, you do things today. I can. I am. I will. I'm doing it today. I'll say it again. That's my tagline. You do things now while you're thinking about it, when you hear something that we say in any of these podcasts, whether it be Michael or myself, that really resonates with you, even if you have to stop, pause, whatever and go do the one thing that [00:28:00] you heard you need to do, you do it now.

You don't wait around for it because you forget about it. So thank you Michael, for bringing That actually was really good.

Mike: I appreciate you. Yes, sir. Likewise, man. Nah. It's all about them, bro. It's all about them. There you go.

DJskoob: Alright, so, uh, one thing I'd like to do, especially with my newer type of entrepreneurs, since you've only been doing this for business for a year or so, in the next six months, where do you see yourself and your business?

Can you have any goals for the next six months for yourself? I know you do, but I mean we do. Yeah, we

Mike: do. No, no, no. We do, we do. We were, we were just talking about earlier today, we, we literally were just talking about that earlier today. With my partner, we wrote them down. Oh, nice. And, and, and by , by Q4 of three.

, we want 40 to large size businesses. For email automation and SMS automation. Okay, now what? Now why we're [00:29:00] picking that 40, why we're picking that 40 is because by the end of this year, we want to be able to stay that we went from where we were last year to, to five mil as it relates to the business , in the marketing and advertising space, the, the multiple.

The multiple is pretty significant. It's anywhere from four to six guys. When I say multiple, I'm talking about the exit, uh, what your company has totally valued at, and no, we're not looking to exit, but if we can get to that five mill mark, then we'll be a 20. We'll be a 20 to 35 million evaluator company, and we will be able to do that in under two years.

And that is the goal. And I know this stuff is crazy guys. I get it. And I know you're probably thinking this guy's nuts. Hell, you may be thinking DJ school. I may be nuts, but man, I'm telling you right now, that is what our target is and we're gonna do it, bro. We're [00:30:00] gonna do it. That's it. That's it.

DJskoob: It's all about the positive mindset because if you think you could do it, more than likely you're gonna do it.

Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm. You know, that's really what it's all about. Think about that SCU believers, if you can put your mind to it, even if it's big and aspirational, you can do it if you do it right. Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm. Alright, so it's kind of gotten to that point here. It's your time to shine. Michael, tell me about your, your company again.

Uh, you know how to get a hold of you for your services if we want to talk to you about what you do and, and all the good stuff. Ready said go.

Mike: Okay. Yeah, guys. Hey, Mike Schill, Mike Schill. Um, again, founder of the Full Circle Agency. And, and guys, you can connect with me on, um, on all social media platforms.

It's at Mike, m i k e, shill, S as in Sam, C as in cat. H as in hat I, l, L as in Larry, Larry underscore, um, that's on Twitter, that's on Instagram, [00:31:00] that's on TikTok, the whole nine yards on LinkedIn, Michael Shill. And then of course you can find the actual business, uh, the full circle, official official on all those social media platforms as well.

And, and reach on out to us. Listen. I'm not asking you guys to buy anything from us, it's completely fine. The only thing I'm asking is shoot us a follow. And the reason why I say that is because we, we, you know, giving back to the community is a lot and we're trying to show our progress as we. To provide some sort of example and to hold ourselves accountable by also holding our, our viewers accountable to themselves.

So I'm, I'm not talking about selling you something on this thing. I'm talking, I'm talking to you. Just come along the journey because you know, our meetings, we go live, our role plays. We go live. , when we connect with individuals, we go live , every single day. , we try to go live and we talk about , the dos and the don'ts and, and the pitfalls that we dealt with.

On that specific day, [00:32:00] like we're, we're, listen, I have these massive goals, but I also don't wanna be the person that hits something massive and then just says, look at me. I want everybody to be along for the ride from zero to a hundred. Because I feel that joining and, and creating a community , is so profound and it's so moving and you can have a massive impact.

So, so that's what I would say, that's what I would say now. If you are looking to leverage your social media platforms and so on and so forth, we do, we do do that for folks as well. Um, and if that is something that makes sense to you, reach out. But guys, I'm not asking for that. I'm just asking come along from the journey because it's been a hell of a journey and, uh, we ain't stopping, we're just getting started, so.

DJskoob: That's right. That's right. One thing I like to say, especially when it comes to something like that, is we rise by lifting others. We, we, uh, take each other with, uh, lift each other. And we all learn from each other, and that's what it's all about. And getting together in that community. That's fantastic. I love [00:33:00] it.

And I'll, I'm gonna definitely look you up, my friend. I'm gonna give you those followers you're looking for, at least from me. I'm hoping, uh, school believers out there will do the same thing. Look up Michael Shill. All right. So what I'm gonna do with you, Michael, is I'm actually gonna follow, if it's okay with you, I'm gonna follow up with you in six months.

Hell yeah. Oh yeah. And we're gonna see if you hit those 40, uh, Hit those 40 in q4,

Mike: brother. Let's, Hey bro. Yo, hold me accountable, man. That's right. Cause I don't mean, Hey, let's go bro. And if I don't do it, hey man, maybe we do some sort of like off bet or something like that, but hold me accountable. Fired.


DJskoob: We'll talk about it off the camera. We'll talk about off the camera. All right, Michael, thank you so much for being on The Undiscovered Entrepreneur, and I really appreciate you taking your time outta your day to seeing us.

Mike: Yes, sir. Thank you. Thank you so much for the opportunity. To the listeners, thank you for your time.

DJskoob: All right. Scoop Belabors. Stay tuned for the wrap up. Okay. Thank you everybody. Goodnight.

All right. School [00:34:00] believers. That was Michael. Man. That guy has some energy, man. He really did. Well, I I, I'm like, my heart's still fluttering, just listening. Just finished listening to him. Oh my gosh. That was awesome. He had such amazing just. Information for everybody out there. , self-confidence. , I loved , , him.

, talking about imposter syndrome would really mean what it meant to him and how to kind of overcome it for yourself. Great information, daily goals for himself on time learning. Oh, you all know how much I love on time learning and what that's important about and surrounding yourself with. People that are important, that know more than you.

That way you can learn from 'em, kind of take the shortcuts from them, from learning from them. Fantastic.

Having confidence in yourself, , not dropping, you know, I've always talked about price. It's really hard. That's one of the hardest things we could do as entrepreneurs is try to bring a value, a monetary value for what we do. And. Not drop the price. Dropping that [00:35:00] price down is just, I don't know, it just feels like, to me it's kind of like the easy way out.

I think , I would rather have a value, add value to what we're doing. So when they have that cost, it's worth it. It's worth having that extra couple of dollars to, to get whatever goals they have. So that's amazing and I'm definitely gonna follow up with him when that six months is Eve, he hit that, uh, Q4 goal, the fourth quarter goal, so we'll see what happens.

All right. And now a little bit about what I'm doing. Uh, just so you know, I've been, uh, working really hard in the Pneumo spec Creator lab. Things have been going very, very good with that. I'm really happy to be a part of that community.

Last time we talked, we talked about a fire sale that is gonna be happening at the end of May.

So from May 24th to May 31st, what we're actually doing is we're giving away 30 day free trials instead of 14 day free trials. So the whole next month is on Pneumo spec. So if you're looking just to see what the community is about, see if it fits in your [00:36:00] entrepreneur adventure or anything along those lines, you go ahead and look in there.

Look under. T e podcast.net/lab and uh, we'll go ahead and give you that 30 day troop free trial, but only between the 24th and 31st. So make sure that's gonna be your best time to do that. Also, I wanna make an official announcement right now, and this is really big. Uh, I'm. Putting together a company name.

So I've come up with a company name that's gonna kind of oversee everything that I'm doing on top of my coaching and everything else. Undiscovered Legacies, l l c. So that is the name of my company now, undiscovered Legacies, llc. Look for it. And a lot of things I'm gonna be doing from here on out. Also, uh, also going to have you kind of clue in if you want to get in.

On a group coaching that I'm taking part of, or I'm actually leading in [00:37:00] on May 16th at 6:00 PM That's May 16th, 2023 at 6:00 PM Central time, I'm gonna be doing a group coaching. So get in on any kind of help that I can help you with when it comes to your entrepreneur adventure and this group coaching.

We're gonna put some great minds together and get you onto your next step. So join me there. Introspect for this group coaching that's happening. May 16th at 6:00 PM Central time. If you have any questions you wanna get ahold of me, I now have a link tree. I think I mentioned that in my last one Link tree.

See, try link tur, uh, E link tur.ee at DJ scoop S K O O B. You'll find all my social medias all there on the one link. You could link to my YouTube channel that we got going on right now, , which has a lot of great content going up that you'll see from here on out.

Uh, so. [00:38:00] Please subscribe. Five stars, whatever you can, let's push this thing forward. Let's help as many school believers as we can out there. Alright everybody, thank you so much and, uh, can't wait to talk to you again in my next episode. Thank you everybody.


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