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Dec. 21, 2021

Professional Organizer with Angela Caddy ep.1

Today we are Talking to Angela Caddy. A professional Organizer. She has a great entrepreneurial adventure to share with all of us. Listen and she talks about her love of organization since she was a child and how she took that love into adulthood and made it into a professional business.

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Today we are Talking to Angela Caddy. A professional Organizer. He has a great entrepreneurial adventure to share with all of us. Listen and she talks about her love of organization since she was a child and how she took that love into adulthood and made it into a professional business.

Her family had a big influence in her stating her adventure. Family support and help can be very important. 

Listen for the funny thing that happens right in the middle of the interview.

We go over her goals and what she wants to accomplish in the next 6 months in her entrepreneur adventure.

Keep an ear out for some great information about her business because you might just learn something. Thank you for joining me and my Skoobeliever family.

Interviewee : Angela Caddy

Host :  DJ Skoob

Show notes are here............. tuepodcast.net/episode1


I Can! I Am! I Will! And I'm Doing It TODAY!!


Salutations everybody welcome to The Untitled Entrepreneur. Congratulations to everybody. Cause this is my very first actual interview I'm doing with somebody right now. So I want to thank Angie for coming out. Hi Angie. All right. Oh, absolutely. Okay. So I have a very important question to ask you here.


Okay. Are you a skoobelever? 




All right. We have our very first Skoobelever, everybody!. All right. So Angie, she has a business. So what I'm going to do, and it hasn't been very long. Because one of the main things that we have going on here is, everybody that I talked to is actually going to be in less than a year in their business and in their entrepreneurial adventure.


So, Angie, I want you to tell us a little bit about how long you've actually been in the business and your entrepreneurial  adventure. 


Um, well, not very long at all. April 19th, so a month and two days, um, April 19th is the day that I said, okay I'm just going to do this and started to get the wheels in motion.


Nice. So it hasn't been very long. It's like, we're going to do it. And then we're going to do it 


Pretty much. A friend of the family. She. Is helping me actually a little bit. We're not in front of the family. She is family, she is my brother's sister-in-law or boyfriend's sister-in-law and she compares me to a cartoon image of the little babies where you hold them up and you see their feet running and midair.


She says, that's me right


Wow. Oh my goodness. Yeah. It's amazing how much energy you get all of a sudden when you actually start doing something so passionate . All right. So let me ask you this. What actually made you start your business and tell me exactly what your business is. 


Well, my business is architecturally organized professional organizers.


And as far as what made me do this, I honestly, I don't know. I have, I mean, as far as inspiration, anything like that, I don't know. I've always loved organizing. When I was a little , birthday presents, Christmas presents, you know, I didn't have a job. So birthday presents, Christmas presents for my mother, you know, organizing things, taking out everything from in the kitchen cabinets and putting everything back the way that I thought that it would work well.


I'm from Pennsylvania. Originally. I live in New Jersey now. I had a roommate when I first moved here and the first thing I did was he got everything out of the pantry and reorganized her pantry. So it would be, You know, just easier to access everything. It's something I've just always done.


So let me, let me get this straight. You, you had a roommate and they left or something and they came back and the whole place was organized to your specifications, right? 


Not exactly, not the whole place, just the pantry.


She liked it. And she's like, you know, is there anything else? And we, you know, I did a little, I think I did a couple of little other things, but nothing, nothing huge or dressing. 


All right. So like the cereals with the cereal and they're all in alphabetical order and that kind of thing.


So how, how did we translate that into your actual business? I mean, what was, what's the connection? 


I'm not sure how to answer that. So I mean, well, like I said, I've just always enjoyed organizing. It's just something people, Have a knack for making spaces work. We'll say that. And that is, you know, some people don't have the knack and it's not a bad thing.


It's just something that some people aren't built with or they try to do. But for whatever reason, it just never works for them. And that's where I would come in and help them. You know, sometimes it's too much. Sometimes, you have to go through and really think, is this something that you use? Is this something that you need?


Are you holding onto this? Because it has a sentimental value or you pull you onto it because you're never going to use it. You don't like it, but it was given to you and you feel guilty for throwing it out. You got to, you know, speak with people, talk with people and find out what their reasons are for things, help them develop a system that is going to be beneficial in their lives. 


Well, I got to tell you something, I could probably use your talents here. Cause I got a little dinky space than a lot of stuff. So, 


Well, I have moved many, many, many times from studio apartments, one bedroom apartments, sharing apartments, and college apartment dorm type rooms.


And I have had anybody spaces. And I won't lie. I have a lot of stuff, a lot of stuff. And I am, I think that is what helps sculpt me into being an organizer is making room in my own life, making all my stuff. 


Right! Okay, So let me ask you a little different question now. Do you have an influence on somebody that you look up to that kind of keeps you moving and keeps going and keeps you moving forward? That encouraged you? 


I mean, not really. I mean, well, okay. I don't want to say no because, I don't want to say no because everybody in my life, my family, my friends,they're all behind me there, you know, when I told my mom about it, I joke that she is my one, man. I dunno what the, you know, shout it from the rooftops about me being a marketing person or something I'm very supportive of. She has always been all my life. So, but you know, motivation wise, my motivation is. In a sense, me like happiness, happiness is my motivation for doing what makes me happy.That's my motivation.


 Well, bringing happiness to others is kind of what we do as entrepreneurs. We want to, you know, make everybody happy around us and when they're happy, we're happy and that's kind of how it works. That's how it works for me. Anyway, If I'm helping somebody else out, that makes me feel good about what I'm doing.


Right. So let me ask you a little different question here. In your, I know you're just getting started and I understand that. But when you get to I've made it that when you get to that, what, when do you know you've, you're there? I mean, is it the amount of money that you try that you put together? Is it the amount of people that you help?


When do you know you've made it? 


 I think it is a tricky question or for the fact, I feel like. You know, when I made it, that is, I think that's going to be forever changing. Like right now for when I made it, that was, you know, me feeling like I've made it is actually getting a client base. Like I said, I'm brand new.


 I've done. Some work for friends who are, you know, they are paying me. So I greatly appreciate that, but it's somebody I know, like, so for right now, when I made it as well, I started getting a client base of people that I've never met and they're seeking me out.


That's I'm going to be woo. You know, very excited about that. But when that time comes, most likely when I made it is going to change, you know, when I made it, you know, I would work a day job. I, you know, I have a dog, this is something I'm doing on the side right now. You know, maybe then it's going to be when I don't have that job.


And this is the only thing I'm doing, that's when I made it. Or, Hey, look, I can't do all this myself. I need to start hiring employees. That's why I made it. So I think it's going to be forever changing depending on where, what stage I'm at. 


That's really important to know when you get to that point.And that's something I've noticed about most opportune entrepreneurs that I do talk to. They always move on to that next thing. Okay. I've made it here. Okay. I'm here. Let's move on to this. And it just kind of keeps building and building and growing and we're changing our goals and our outlook on things to just kind of keep moving.And that that's actually a good thing cause that's really what inspires us to keep growing and keep doing what we do.

 All right. So I know, like I said, you've only been doing this for a little while, but if you actually just happened to come across somebody that's doing the same thing as you. The organization and the architecture kind of kind of thing. Is there any advice you'd give them before they get started? Or is there anything you would actually tell them about what you do? 


Well, as far as advice that Monday, it was Monday, April 9th. Like I said, I decided to do it. First thing I did was I went online and I tried to find organizers around me. And my first thought was maybe I would just, you know, I could get somebody was hiring or anything.


And I contacted a woman and she was very helpful. This is one thing I've learned in the organizing business. A lot of these other organizing professionals out there. You're not working against them. Everybody's working together, which is phenomenal. And the first thing that she told me, and that's the first thing I would tell them, check out N.A.P.O, which is the national source association for productivity and organizing professionals. And they have so much information on there. There's chapter groups that you can join. It was very helpful. Just reading what all is out there and seeing other people that are doing this. And again, very, very helpful.


 Well, that's great. You know, and that's something I've come across too is at first, when I first wanted to do, and I'll even go back before that, when I wanted to start becoming an actual DJ and karaoke DJ, which is my, one of my goals, I was afraid that nobody would want to help me because I'm competition. You know, but as time went on, I'm realizing more and more that people actually genuinely want to help me be who I want to be. And that's actually a brand new feeling for me. I've never felt that before. It's a wonderful thing. It really is. So I'm really hoping that it keeps up. 


The other thing I was going to say, piece of advice, just go for it!!

Cause you're never going to be ready and there's never going to be a right time. Just do it. 


Yeah. And you know,a good kind of mantra to take something like that is even if you're only doing a little bit. Which is actually what I'm doing to get to even this far, just half an hour, when you wake up a half an hour before you go to sleep, anything to get that snowball rolling really makes it, I got to tell you for two years, it was, it's not the right time.It's not the right time. It's not the right time. So now it's the right time. I mean, the time is now. Something to look into would be a book called The Compound Effect. Unfortunately, I can't remember the author of that right now, but that actually goes right into these little things, turning into one big thing later on just having those things come together.


So you might want to think about that. 


If you wouldn't mind, maybe shoot that to me in messenger on Facebook. So that way yeah. Cause I'm not going to remember it. 


No, that's okay. What I'm going to do is any, any kind of help that's mentioned between you and me, like the group that you talked about just a second ago. I'm actually gonna put on a website where I put show notes and we'll put links to everything that we talk about.Okay, but I'll still shoot you that. 

Okay. So here's an interesting question. And I actually came across this question just by chance, but, um, let's say for example, I wanted to hire your services because goodness knows. I need somebody to help me organize my stuff, but I'm looking at you, but I'm looking at two other people as well to do the exact same thing you do, that are offering the same amount of money and that kind of thing.So what I'd like to know is . How would you set yourself apart from everybody else? 


So, in my mind, I'm hoping that my educational background will help set me apart. I have a bachelor's degree in architecture. I have been working in the architectural field for almost 20 years and I've been. I worked part time and went to school part-time I worked full-time and went to school part-time so I've actually been learning my degree which obviously took me longer than it took this four year degree because of that.


And also you are continuing, even outside, since I've graduated, you're continuously learning, you know, in the field at your job and with different training sessions that you have. So I've been learning for over 20 years and. You know, I work with configuring spaces. Granted they're, you know, 1200, 50,000 square feet spaces.It's still configuring spaces and finding out what works for that space. And I feel, organizing the space planning, but just in a different format, 


Right. Spaces, space, whether big or small is still space. 


And I'm still finding out what that client needs, what works best for them, because every space is different.Every person's different, every project is different. And then, you know, I feel that you need to be able to, I consider myself an optimistic person. I hope for the best, but I'm prepared for the worst, but you need to be able to. You need, whoever the person, whoever's chosen, if it's me or somebody else, you need to be able to interact with your potential clients. You need to be open and understanding of where they're coming from and be able to have a good repertoire with the PR side. 


Yeah. Having that connection with somebody, especially some of them who hire you, is really, really important. So I commend you for that. For that's actually, I'd hire you in a second over anybody else at this point.


So I'm going to move on to another question now. And I heard this question actually on another podcast and I thought it was a fantastic one. So I'm going to steal it. What is one question you wish I asked you right now?


Probably, do you wish you would have done this sooner? Joining them? Because like I said earlier, you know, don't hesitate, just do it because you're never going to be ready. So I guess that would be. I think that 


That question is actually something I heard as a proverb that I came across is that the best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago.But the second best time to plant a tree is today. Right, right, exactly. Also, um, another one that I always come across as special in, in this particular instance, we're talking about doing this now.I have, my own mantra, but I stole it from my son, well, he was six he's 14 now, but, it was something he said and the kid is just amazingly smart and he said, I can, I am, I will,And I'm doing it Today. And he's actually carried that with him all through junior high school, all through high school. And he's the only one I've ever heard say anything close to that. So we're, I'm going to give him the props for that one, for sure. So yeah, that's just all about doing it now.


So, absolutely. All right. So. Do you have a goal for yourself for the next six months? Do you have, in like in six months, where do you see yourself? 


Well, I hope I have a lot of things in six months. I guess. I hope to grow my social media presence. Actually reach more people, obviously.


 My website, why, as I mentioned, it's well, as I mentioned, I'm new. So I would say it's just started. The family member that's helping me. She actually, she's DLO consulting. She does websites. So that's actually part of the thing that helped get me started. I was like, Hey, yeah, I'll do some organizing for you if you help me with the website.So that's where we're at. So she's actually in the process of helping me with my website, which is looking pretty darn good. I'm very pleased with it.


 Oh, that's nice. 


What's that is, there is a white website. I believe that is the website. Yeah. 


It is, it used to say under construction. However, I think, she did take that down because now we're smoothing out, you know, odds and ends.


She has it up, I've looked at it. I made a couple of comments or questions and she's going to be tweaking those items. But one thing that's not on there yet that I hope to do is get a blog running for it. So in six months, I Hope is to have that up and to, you know, blog at least once a week, once a week or twice a month. I'm not sure yet. Cause I need to figure out, but just have some blogging in there has some articles has to have some information, 


make sure you're organized the time to actually do it.


There you go. As well, as I mentioned also, I've done bartering work. I've done bartering for friends, but I'm hoping in six months that, you know, with all this blogging and social media explosion, that's going to happen.


I hope to, at least, at least maybe have two new clients, people that I don't know, people that have found me through my website through my social media. Also was a little magnet. I just got for my car. A little magnet that I just bought for my car. 


I'm totally getting one of those, my little dude right here. He's going to be as big as life and as  well as all the stuff on there. 


Yeah. I ordered 


 For all of that. For those of you who can't see that are listening to the podcast, but are actually looking on my YouTube channel.She has a black pen. With her name and all this stuff right on there. 


Well, I'm all excited. I got that. I got business cards and then I got that magnet for my car. So either way though, but that is my hope is to have at least two. New people who have reached out to me, who I've never met, that I can help them.


All right. That's actually another one of the reasons why I put this podcast slash YouTube channel together that way, Angie actually has another set of opportunities for somebody to contact her. You're all right. So what I'm going to do is I'd like to actually get your contact information now. As far as I know, if you want to put out the website right now, you can, or if you want to say your email, this is your time to shine.This is your time to actually do your advertising. So ready, set. Go! 


 I have a couple of things. So I have a new website that, like I said, is in progress. Www. architecturallyorganized.com. And you can find me again, artificially organized at Facebook, Instagram tic talk, @gmail.com for emails.


I don't know. Am I allowed to say the phone number also?


 absolutely allowed to, as long as you don't mind saying it, cause it's going to be actually posted like on, on YouTube kind of thing. So it's totally up to you. I, I probably, I would probably just stick with the, 


you'll edit this 


part out, right? 


No, I do very little editing when it comes to the YouTube channels.So. 


Oh, okay. Well, we'll leave that out. We'll be able to find the other things anyways, so they can, if they want the number to. Contacts, they can find it in another 


way. They could find your official business phone number on the website there. Okay. All right. So here's what I'm going to do with you now, Angie, we will be following up with you, in the next six months. In six months, I want to see two brand new clients. Yes, fingers crossed. And I want to see at least two blog entries every month in the six months. So that's 2, 4, 6, 8, 12. So I want to say 12 log-ins on your, on your brand spanking new blog that you're putting together. Okay. Okay. Okay. So we're going to do it six months from today to see how you're doing.


Okay. All right, everybody. I want to thank you very much. I want to thank Angie for coming out today and letting us talk to her. And hopefully  we learned something today. That's kind of the thing here is we want to learn from each other. We want to help each other out, want to be everything we need to be for each other and hold each other accountable for what we're doing.


So if, you'd like to follow me, you could find me on Facebook, @skoobami, on Twitter as at #iamskoob and find a couple of ways to do it. And if you are actually an entrepreneur that is brand spanking new, less than a year, please contact me. You can email me at pianootieentertainment@gmail.com put in just basically what you do and how long you've been doing it for, please, please, please make sure it's under a year.It's very important that I help brand new people. Okay. All right, man. Thank you so much for coming out. You take care. Okay. Thank you so much for having me. All right. Bye-bye now.   


Angie CaddyProfile Photo

Angie Caddy

Professional Organizer

Let's say hello to our first Skoobelever Angie Caddy!! She is a Professional Organizer That will organize anything from large storage units to cereal boxes! From child hood she was organizing presents at birthday parties and the toys in her room. Now that she is an adult, she does it for a living in her own business. She found herself in a group called N.A.P.O. National Association For Productivity Organizing Professionals. In this group she learned to sharpen her skills to the point where others wanted to hire her for those newly learned talents. Her best best advice is to just go for it!! Because it will never be the right time, so the right time is now! She sets herself apart from others with her education and constant education and capability of adapting to her situation for her clients. She has set a fantastic goal for herself by growing her social media, Making a habit in blog entries 12 in 6 months, And 2 clients that will find her organically. A great book that was mentioned in this podcast is The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy ( Affiliate Link) https://amzn.to/3q5q3HU.