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Joseph Gissy New Digital Marketer Talks Abut His Experiences

uepodcast.net In this episode, we sit down with Joseph, a new entrepreneur who is making a difference in people's lives through his work. We discuss how time is the real expense of being an entrepreneur and how to delegate it effectively. We also touch on the importance of family, helping others, and how money is not the driving force for new entrepreneurs. Tune in to hear Joseph's inspiring story and his journey to success.


00:00: Introduction
00:42: Interview with Joseph
02:35: The importance of family and helping others
04:20: Money is not the driving force for new entrepreneurs
06:10: Delegating time effectively as an entrepreneur
07:45: DJ Scoop's personal update
08:20: Join DJ Scoop's group coaching program
09:00: DJ Scoop's knee injury
09:50: Summer schedule and upcoming episodes
10:30: Conclusion
Key Points:

New entrepreneurs are focused on helping others, rather than making money.