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Anthony Benavides


The husband of a Husband & Wife family business venture. We work together at the World Famous “Lucky Monkey Tattoo” in Ann Arbor, Michigan just off campus of the University of Michigan. Go Blue! I work as a Body Piercer & as a Fancy Jewelry Salesperson. My wife Mandy is a Custom Tattoo Artist and Art Illustrator. And together we also run the Etsy store Rebel Art Empire. We offer Star Wars Inspired Enamel Pins & Stickers that are from another Galaxy!!

Dec. 6, 2022

First Coaching With Anthony A.K.A Meatloaf the Piercer. Co owner of R…

uepodcast.net In this episode is my first public coaching of a new entrepreneur and a good friend Anthony A.K.A Meatloaf The Piercer. He is co owner of Rebel Art Empire.com We talk about ways to level up his business and …

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