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Dinalynn Rosenbush

Author, Speaker, Coach, Speech Pathologist, Mom

Dinalynn Rosenbush is a Bestselling Author, Health, Mindset & Parent Empowerment Coach, and Public Speaker. During her 26 years working as a Speech Language Pathologist, Dinalynn saw communication struggles and began working to help families to build happier, more productive, heart-centered homes through improving communication. As a Late-stage Lyme disease survivor, she coaches others toward better health in mind, body, soul, & spirit. At home, she raised her children as a creative, adventure loving, single parent that knows the importance of working together, as a TEAM, for the family system to function well.

March 14, 2023

Dinalynn Rosenbush Language Pathologist Turned Podcaster

uepodcast.net This amazing episode is with a great podcasting friend DinaLynn. With the combination of her experiences in the Language Pathologist field and the love of children, she has put together one of the most comprehensive parenting podcasts I have …

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