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May 10, 2022

Husnain Tariq Owner of Sapiensin .

Husnain Tariq Owner of Sapiensin .
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uepodcast.net Today on the Undiscovered Entrepreneur. We talk to Husnain Tariq from Pakistan. Husnain is the CEO of Sapiens. He is has developed a way to use A.I. and goal setting to improve the life span of people that are high risk for disease and help people live a longer better life. We go over his product and how he plans to market it not just un Pakistan but how to get his information all over the world to benefit all!     

Guest........... Husnain Tariq
Guest website ..........  sapiensin.com
Host ......... DJ Skoob
Show Notes .............  Tuepodcast.net/episode16

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Husnain Tariq


Hi I am 25 & is Pharmacist by Profession.I graduated in 2019. I am managing this startup called SapiensIn since Dec 2021
We are an emerging startup in health care from Pakistan,