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Jan. 4, 2022

Bekah George Faith Life Coach ep. 4

Todays new Skoobeliever is Bekah. She is an amazing life coach and helps people through thought and faith. She goes over her goals and the love of her work including a quote that keeps her motivated day in and day out. Listen to her amazing energy and voice as she talk about here passion in helping others

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Todays new Skoobeliever is Bekah. She is an amazing life coach and helps people through thought and faith. She goes over her goals and the love of her work including a quote that keeps her motivated day in and day out. Listen to her amazing energy and voice as she talk about here passion in helping others

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Welcome to the undiscovered entrepreneur podcast where a brand new entrepreneurs come to life and could quite possibly be discovered. Join me DJ Scoob and the rest of the school leavers as we help these new businesses become a reality. And now, the way we go.
Hello, everybody, and welcome to episode four of the undiscovered entrepreneur, I'm really glad to have you here today to listen to my voice and possibly learn something. So I just wanted to let you know that I have a very, very special announcement at the very end of this program. So please listen all the way through, and we'll find out what it is. So also, while you're listening to this, I just want to kind of let you know right up front here, we have my first affiliate promotion. So that's going to be about halfway through there. And just so you know who it is. It's actually Phillip Hughes. on episode number two, he and I kind of got together a little bit about his software program, and he decided to make me an affiliate in his programs. So just so you know, if you decide to take advantage of that I do get a commission from that. But it doesn't cost you anything different. But I can listen for that. And let me know how you think, if it sounds good or not. So with that being said, I'd like to introduce you to a young lady who is a coach, and a very good one at that sounds like she has a lot going on. She coaches through spirituality. And she says that's what really kind of brings her alive is helping other people, which is what we really like to do hear. Her mantra is actually really nice. I like it's live live intentionally. And I've actually been thinking about that a lot lately. So let's see what that's about. Let's listen to her problems. So she had when she moved from a new state, to another new state, and the kind of problems she had getting that together and who to actually listen to when she was trying to ask for advice, all the advice coming from right and left and what she had to do to kind of overcome moods sorting all that out. She also has an amazing quote from somebody that she kind of reveres a little bit. So listen for that. And how she loves to help other people and really makes it a goal for herself to help as many people as possible. So with that being said, let's all listen to Becca shore.
Salutations true believers, this is DJ Scoob we
coming at you we are actually having our next interview today with Becca. Hi, Becca. Hi. All right. So we're gonna go right into it here. But I want to have a very serious question to ask you first though. Are you a scuba leaver? Absolutely. All right, we have our next school believer, ladies and gentlemen, thank you so so much. So please tell us how long you've actually been doing your business and what your business is and a little more about yourself? Absolutely. So my name is Becca. Rebecca George. I am a licensed mental health counselor. I'm a life coach. And my business is Sher vision coaching. So I actually just started it in March of this year. So it's been about two over two months. So it's brand new. Yeah. Yeah. Thank you. So yeah, it's pretty exciting. I basically take the things that I know the knowledge, the experience, the expertise that I have as a therapist, and utilize that to make me a great life coach. I do have some specializations. I specialize with anxiety, depression, kind of eradicating some limiting beliefs, gaining confidence, and then also spirituality. So I'm Faith based. And so I also kind of have that as a Nietzsche as well. That's amazing. I might have to talk to you a little bit later after this here.
All right. So what
actually made you start this business, what was the actually thing that said, this is what I want to do? Yeah, so I've always been passionate about helping people, I love helping people. Because I'm Faith based, I believe that that's my calling is to is to help people and to love people. And it's a gift that I have, I love to give I love to very empathetic. And so I've always wanted to be someone who helps people, I would say the majority of therapists in the world probably come into this field out of their own trauma or out of trauma from someone else, right. And so that is my story as well, I had some childhood trauma, and I wanted to help other people who had been through those similar things. And I wanted to show them the hope that is, you know, comes in healing, right? Because healing is a process that's really difficult and is not easy. And I decided to go from therapy to life coaching for several reasons. But the main reason is because I was really kind of boggled down with constantly dredging up the past. So there is there's definitely some beauty in that there's definitely time to do that healing, a lot of times, you do have to go back and look at your past. But it just kind of drained me and made me very sad, always have to go back into the back into the past with people all the time. And I felt like some people just weren't moving forward. So I my soul kind of comes alive. When I do coaching, I'm able to help people to say like, okay, these are some of the things that have happened, yes, we can focus on that for a small period of time, figure out how to heal from that, well, let's move forward into you know, using that to propel you forward into something good. And make some like solution focused goals, and figure out what you want to get done. Like, what areas of your life, are you not content? Are you feeling unfulfilled, and let's make that happen. So that you can live life on purpose. That's kind of my little tagline is to live life intentionally. And to design your own life as if it's a puzzle. So let's sit down and just knock it out, put those puzzle pieces together to make sure that everything is where you want to be. I actually I actually had some childhood stuff that happened to me too. And the way I actually thought about it was what happened to me, I want him to do the complete opposite up to make sure that my life is much better. It's it's actually worked pretty well for me.
So yeah, you do some great work. And I really appreciate what you do. And I hope a lot of people that see this and hear this, you know, I will appreciate it too. So um, let me ask you, what are a couple of pitfalls that you've had so far, as far as just starting your business out? And what are some things that's happened to you that might have been like, Oh, why is this happening or anything like that? Yeah, a lot of things. So I recently moved to a different state. I moved from Indiana to Florida. And so it was kind of difficult to learn Florida rules versus Indiana rules. Because I have owned a business in Indiana before, Florida's completely different they do things on their own little world. So learning that process of where I missed some things and had to go back and fix it. And a lot of like talking to people trying to figure out what hoops I need to go through in order to get legal. That was kind of a process. Also, I would say one of the biggest and hardest things is marketing. So trying to figure out who to listen to, I feel like everybody has different opinions, different perspectives. Everyone's an expert, right. And they're a pro. And they're constantly telling me like spend more money on marketing to, you know, to get your name out there. Other people are saying spend more money on social media management, other people are saying, you know, use more of this content and less of this content, it's never cohesive. And it's really frustrating, because it's like, I just want to help people, I just want to get my name out there. So people know who I am, and just do what I do best. But I feel like there's so many of those logistical things that are just that make it so difficult. Marketing really is probably one of the most difficult things about starting a business getting your name out there. And people known what you're doing and how you're doing it and things like that. It's um, it's been a little rough for me to that. That's actually one of the reasons why I started the podcast originally was to get my name out there for my company, but it's really kind of blossomed into something where I can help other people like yourself, where it's just not going to cost you anything to get your name out there and, and do what you need to do to get things rolling. Yeah, hopefully I can help you a little a little bit out here.
Yeah, yeah. And it doesn't cost a dime. And you know, when it comes to a lot of people that are giving you advice and things like that comes at you like a hailstorm. But you really, when it comes to something like that you really kind of got to trust your gut with which way you want to go. I mean, you got voices coming all over the place saying do this, don't do that. If I was gonna give any kind of advice or something like that is trust your gut and go with what you feel is right. Yeah, absolutely. And that's what's so hard is because it's like I trust my gut. I trust myself I know that I've done this before. Like I've done a business before but it's been a different kind of business. So it's very, it's just different now I feel like because the Internet changes so often it's like you know, constantly like to keep up with things like everyone tells me get a tick tock I'm like I don't even know tick tock
My kids the guy I'm you know, 35 I'm not 15. So I don't know how this stuff works, totally joined the club because I have no idea how Tik Tok even works. I'm even kind of struggling with Instagram. I have no idea. I asked my son like, how do you work an Instagram sign? He goes, Dad. I'm like, Yes, really? Yeah, you know, I can do a video, but I cannot do a real I don't know how to do it. And so I asked my 11 year old and she was just kind of like, well, I don't know, I don't have Instagram, because she's not allowed on social media yet. But she's like, I'm sure I can figure it out faster than you. I'm like, thank you so much. It's just kind of hard to like, figure out where to put that money to and what to actually put effort into. And then some people say, hey, you need to put your face out there more and other people are like, no, don't use your face use other content. And so it's just really difficult to know.
A good book, I'm assuming you read a lot of entrepreneurs do a lot of reading, have you read the Lean Startup by chance? I have now it's called again, the Lean Startup, I'll send it to you. Yeah, I'll send it to you. That's actually a really good book for people that are just starting out that don't want to spend a whole lot of money on businesses, one of the main focuses of the book is to take your least viable product, if the product works, no matter how good or bad it is, the product works, and use that as a test market to to get your name out there and get reactions from it, get feedback from it, and then start morphing and changing it to what everybody is, you know from that input
might be something you might want to look into that might help things out. Awesome. Thank you so much. So definitely look into that. Now. Um, another question, do you have any influences? Or do you have anybody that you look up to as far as keeping yourself moving forward, keeping yourself motivated any particular person or kind of like mine is I listened to a specific songs every single day to keep myself pumped up and motivated? Do you do anything like that? Do you have somebody that that keeps you motivated, I don't have like a specific person, like in this field that I look up to necessarily, although I do have a coach that I work with that is kind of a little bit of everything. So he does some spiritual direction, like spirituality coaching with me, he does some
business coaching, some consulting with me, and he is awesome. His name is Levi Hoffman, and he is super great. He is out of Indiana actually. And so he kind of helps me to be inspired to continue doing what I'm doing that what he does is a little bit different than what I do. But as far as kind of what keeps me going every single day. First of all, my relationship with that is I'm very faith based. So that's that's an important thing for me. And then also, there's a quote that I had found online that I just fell in love with. And I have been saying that constantly. And it's from someone in cold Lyons, I don't know who she is, but I love her quote, and it says, whatever it is that stirs your soul. Listen to that. Everything else is just noise. And I love that because it's like, you know, when I told you that I come alive when I get to coach and when I get to help people kind of find their purpose and figure out how to live life intentionally. That is what makes my soul alive and everything else is just kind of background noise. That's great. That is that is a very awesome and powerful quote. Thank you for that. Yeah. And now we're gonna pause to pay some bills. Alright, school believers, do you spend hours on end gathering analytic information for yourself or your company trying to decipher Google information, social media algorithms, and then make sense of it all, then having to spend almost the entire day making a chart to present to your managers or partners stop the madness with a single press of a button. Elementary Analytics does all the work for you. Elementary analytics is an online software solution that pulls together all website search and social media data you need and presents it to you in a way that you can understand allowing you to make informed marketing decisions guided by the data. And with a single press of the button. Elementary analytics produces printable charts that can be used in any presentation. I tried it for myself, and I was blown away by its ease of use and capabilities. Not sure if it'll work for you. Try it risk free for 14 days with no credit card needed. Just go to TU e podcast dotnet. Go to the online store and click on my affiliate link elementary analytics t u e for your 14 day free trial. That's to E podcast dotnet then elementary analytics. Alright, so here's it. Here's an interesting question. I know you're just getting started. And I understand that but when will you know you've made it? I mean, when you get that feeling like oh, this is where I really wanted to be like, is it a specific amount of money or like finding your name in a book or something like that? When do you think you've actually made it? Have you ever thought about that? Yeah, so I have I have a lot of balls. I try to sit down every single month and make monthly goals and then yearly goals, weekly goals. So I'm very goal oriented. So I have a lot of those things that I feel like I want to see happen at some point before you know
I die. But I think that one thing is a freedom to be able to kind of not constantly worry about, you know, what my business is looking like. I mean, of course, I'm always gonna have all put a lot of effort into it. But I want to be able to know that, you know, I have the income to be able to continue working and doing what I need to do without it being stressful for me where I'm like, Okay, I'm gonna pay this, I'm gonna do this, I'm gonna do this. And I don't have to worry about the financial part of it as much as just being able to help people. I also think that a big part of it will be whenever I'm able to give away some of my services for free, I would love to be able to help people who can't afford it. And I just can't do that at this time. I'm a single mom. And it's not exactly easy for me to do right now, I think I have a lot of discounted rates for COVID. And it's just really difficult. So I think when I get to that place of being able to give away some time, and ultimately, my my dream, and my goal is to actually own a kind of enterprise, where I have multiple different coaches and therapists underneath me. So I want different niches, you know, relationship coach, health coach, you know, different kinds of therapists, and so that I can have a residual income, I can do part time work myself, and then I can go do some ministry work is actually what I really want to do. Wow, that is so awesome. You have a great dream in front of you there, I'm pretty sure you achieve it. If you keep doing what you're doing. I'm believing God and I am working hard. That's my that's my thing to do. So that's awesome. Okay, so let me ask you this, because I don't know if you've come across this yet or not. But if you have actually met somebody that's looking to get into the same businesses you what advice would you give him? What kind of like this is what you need to do? Or this is, you know, this is what I do? Can you, you know, you probably should do something similar? What about something like that? So I think the number one thing is try to figure out your vision, it's really hard with specifically with coaching, so find your vision, because there's all sorts of different coaching, you know, there's all sorts of different things that can can go on, you know, different people ask for, you know, health coaching, and life coaching, business coaching, and marketing, coaching, there's all of these different types of coaching. And a lot of times, coaches, in my experience, they have wanted to make themselves as broad as possible and make themselves as popular as possible. So they say that they do everything, right, there's no way that you could do everything, well, it's just not possible. So my suggestion and advice would be to kind of choose a niche and choose the direction that you want to go. And be okay with that. I mean, there may be some times you step outside of that, and say, This isn't my favorite thing to do, or the thing that I'm great at, but I can do it. But for the most part, choose that one thing that really like set your soul on fire and go from there. Now that goes into a couple of things we talked about earlier, like trusting your gut, and kind of go in the direction that kind of goes but sometimes, you know, like most entrepreneurs, they want to be a trade of everything. And what I've actually found if you want to be try to help everybody, you're going to end up helping nobody just because you're trying to get here, they try to get there, oh, I got to learn this knowing that you got to niche down, and then you got to niche down again. And then you have to niche down until it hurts. I heard that on another podcast on stealing network. So once you get to that point, you know where to start. And then once you're good at that, then branch out into something else that you might be interested in, but always kind of have that particular niche to be able to work at is a niche or niche because I've heard, I don't know, I've heard both. I feel like niches a little more fancy. So I go with niche. But if it could be I'm not a fancy guy. So I'm going to stick with niche. Okay.
So I'm going to ask you this. I know we've already kind of gone through a few questions, but what is the one question you wish I would have asked you what I did? Probably what is the best part about starting your own business? Okay, what is the best part about starting your business?
Honestly, the best part is the hope that comes from it. I remember being in you know, my whole life, I've worked, you know, five, Monday through Friday, and then I've had a second job to try to supplement income, you know, being a single mom for a long time and, and having to, you know, wanting to provide my daughter with a life that is, you know, better than what I had growing up. And so, you know, the best part is the hope to know that I can I can determine how successful I am right? If I work hard enough, if I put in you know put in the work and I see the vision and I go after it. And you know I can make that happen. And so I think the best part of it is just like the hope that comes along with it and and not dreading getting up every day to work. I don't live for weekends anymore. Now every day is so much more enjoyable. And that's one of the reasons that I wanted to be a coach is to help other people to do that as well. Yeah. When you're really passionate about something and you really feel good about what you're going to do that day and every day after that. It really gives a different feeling than having to wake up at 8am Get in the car, drive for an hour, be there for eight hours, drive back again and go back to sleep.
And I really it was sparked in me when I
last year, my daughter had a summer break. And I wanted to I was working at eight to five and I wanted to take a week off for summer to spend time with her. And she basically my boss told me, Hey, you can't take any time off this summer didn't have anybody to cover you. And I was like, so you know, she's only off school for two and a half months, and I can't take one week off to take her on vacation somewhere. And the boss said, No, and then, you know, I got sick a few weeks later, and my boss told me like, hey, we you gotta come in, even though you have a fever, and you're throwing up and all these things you got to come in. And I thought, how are you going to tell me like, this is my life, you're gonna tell me that I have to come in when I'm sick, you're gonna tell me how much money I'm worth hourly. And you're gonna tell me that I can't spend my daughter's summer vacation want to have it with her? When I hadn't taken a vacation in over two years. So that's when I was like, No, you're you know, this is I only get one life. And this is miserable. And you gotta, you really need to be in control of what you're doing. And your life is yours. It doesn't belong to him. You know, trading that time for money thing just is not. It's not really that great. I mean, at first you probably think about, especially when you first get into the job market and that kind of thing. But as time wears on, you realize it's not good. And that's why we were entrepreneurs. That's why we do things like this. So we don't have to trade that time for money anymore, we can actually be in control of our own destiny and direct ourselves of where to go. If we need to pivot this way. We pivot that way. We don't need to ask permission from anybody to be able to change anything. So more power to you. That's amazing. Thank you so much for sharing that. All right. So, goals. You earlier talked about goals in six months, where do you see yourself? I mean, you said you're kind of set goals for yourself in six months? Where do you think you're going to be in your business? Where would you like to be? Yeah, so in six months, I would love to have at least
15 consistent clients monthly, where I'm seeing them or, you know, 15 weekly clients, I guess, in this in the coaching, and then I would also like to be doing some consulting. So I haven't talked a lot about the consulting piece of it. But I would love to consult with some businesses on how do you keep your employees happy? How do you keep them from burnout? How do you keep them to, you know, give them opportunities to take care of themselves? How do you build the teamwork, those types of things. I also kind of want to work in some churches and do some consulting with churches as well. So I think in six months, I would like to at least have started my consulting business and have at least 15 consistent clients. I have some, you know, I have clients now that have transitioned from therapy to coaching and I'm loving that. But I want 15 new clients between now and definitely. So that's kind of my goal in the six months and then start the consulting process. Fantastic. That's a very, very fantastical, let me ask you a quick question here. Have you heard of of the love languages? I mean, if you're a therapist, right, I have heard of it. Yeah. Have you heard of The Five Love Languages of employment? Have you read that at all? I have not read it. I need to gotta read it. I actually came across that book right after the right after reading The Five Love Languages, the original book, but he's actually transitioned that into employment and teenagers. So that might be something you want to look at the teenager one Yeah, have you got a preteen? So started reading I read the kids teenager one, but I have not read the employment. So that's really good information. Definitely check that out. So I'll I'll send the actual name of the book. And I'm pretty sure that's the name of the book, or it's pretty close to that. I'll send that to you. So you can just take a look at that.
You have a pre i My son just turned 14. So I have an 11 year old daughter, so yeah, yeah, it's very interesting time. It sure is. She's about to go into middle school and I kind of missed a little Ah, I love her. But I'm like, Well, you were so cute.
Yeah, what happened? I know like what happened now you're telling me to get out of my room or out of your room. So
Alright, so here's what we're gonna do with Rebecca. In six months, I'm going to contact you again. And we're going to check up on your we're gonna do another podcast, and we're gonna see how you've come along getting those 15 clients, how you've come along with your coaching and see how much you've actually grown. And if all goes well, I really think you will, we will have grown a lot. I sure hope so. All right. So at this point, I would like to ask you how we get a hold of you. This is your time to shine. Okay, this is your advertisement time. So here we go. Ready? Go. Okay, so there's lots of different ways you can get a hold of me on Instagram I am at Sher vision coaching. So that's S H E A our vision which is vi s IO N coaching. And so you can find me on Instagram and then also at sheer vision coaching comm. So you can there's a forum that you can fill out there and it comes directly to me and I will contact
You also you can email me if you'd prefer to do that. And it is FF, which is d k H, at shear vision coaching.com. So I would love to touch base with you, I'd love to communicate with you, I would love for you to tell me what some of your goals are some of your, you know, dreams, some of the things that you want to be more fulfilled in. And basically what we do in the first part is I offer a free 30 minute consultation, or kind of talk and you can tell me about yourself something about their goals. And I'll tell you, if I'm a good fit for you. I mean, of course, you can decide yourself as well. But I'll tell you, if I if I can help you if I can bring value to you. Because that's ultimately what I want. And I will tell you, this is how we can do that. And so then I give you an assessment, that kind of helps to pinpoint what areas you want to fix in your life or change or tweak a little bit. And then we create a plan together. So I would absolutely love to help anybody who, you know, wants to change their life in any way and would love to talk to them. Alright, fantastic. I hope you hear that school believers, we actually have Becky here, that's gonna give you 30 minutes of her time to talk to you, and see where she can help you improve your life. So thank you back. I really, really appreciate that. I want to thank you, Becca so much, you've actually really inspired me in a lot of different ways. And hopefully you've inspired a lot of different school leavers as well. Thanks for coming out.
Oh, yeah, absolutely. You've been a complete pleasure. Thank you so, so much. Thank you. All right. Thank you, everybody, take care.
All right, scuba divers. That was Rebecca, George. She was definitely one of my most fun interviews to do. It's definitely great to see how much she shows that she really cares about other people. And I'm sure she's looking forward to doing some work for free to help people out without charging them. So she could help more people. I really liked the quote that she gave us, it's definitely a good way to think about things where if it's not important to you, it's just a bunch of noise. So what are things that that you have to listen to? That's just noise, it's just bugging yet. And everybody keeps telling it, you know, do this or don't do that is just not quite what you have in mind for yourself? What noise Do you stuck listening to tell me in the comments. Once again, if you want to get a hold of Rebecca George, you can contact her at shear vision coaching.com. We'll have all that information plus the couple books that we talked about in the show notes. So if you're interested in that, head down there and take a look and see what we got going for you. All right. So now it's time for that special announcement. So I'm going to be honest with you. I have never, in my life dealt with Twitter, I had no idea what Twitter was about. And I've always been kind of scared about Twitter and how that all worked. And I don't know, I guess I was just kind of scared, which goes into that whole fear thing that I always keep talking about. So about two months ago, I finally got up the courage started a Twitter account and started talking. And, well, it's got to tell you, it's kind of changed my world. I've actually been talking to a lot of amazing people, including Pat Flynn. He's actually been back and forth me a little bit talking and he is definitely one of my heroes. So it's been an amazing experience to be able to talk to him. But also I've talked to somebody else. His name is Chris Brogan. Now if you don't know who Chris Brogan is you need to he is one amazing person. And he's written a couple of books, including trust agents and the impact equation, which has been mentioned several times in many other podcasts as as a best seller. And he's definitely a big name and entrepreneurship and podcasting. So as I've been talking to Chris Brogan, I've actually been sending him pictures of my barbecue apparently, he really likes barbecue and I work at a barbecue restaurant. So I invited him one time to come down to my restaurant favorite found the self in the area down here. And he actually challenged me to put together a 300 person speaking engagement for him, and he would come down and actually do it. So I am taking on this challenge. I'm actually putting trying to put together a 300 person speaking engagement with absolutely no idea what I'm doing.
But I really have the utmost confidence I can actually pull this off. So if you want to join me in trying to figure out how this all works, I could definitely use any kind of input or like advice of how to do it and
Keep listening for updates on how I'm actually pulling this all off. So, alright everybody, if you want to get a hold of me, please contact me on my email at you he podcast 2020 one@gmail.com If you want to get a hold of me on my Twitter, you can reach me at DJ scoop 2021. And you can always visit my website where I have a lot of great products and tools for you to use in your entrepreneur adventure at u e podcast.net. Also, I'd like to get my voice out there as much as possible. Please help me with my algorithms on iTunes, and on Spotify and anything else that you're listening to. By giving me a five star review any kind of comments good or bad would be most helpful. If you do leave me a five star review. I will make it a point to mention your name in my show. Alright everybody, thanks for listening to my show all the way through. Make sure you're tune in in two weeks to listen to Anna and Jean. Thank you everybody and have a great day. We

Beka GeorgeProfile Photo

Beka George

Faith Life Coach

lets say hello to the next and newest Skoobelever family member Beka George! Faith based life coach extraordinaire!! With her faith and her life experiences, she can guide you to your goals and visions. with only 2 months under her belt, he already has clients lining up at her door. She believes that it is her calling in life to help people and to love people. She loves to say " To live life intentionally".

Marketing has been a struggle as it usually is for about every entrepreneur. So much advice from so many people can be frustrating. We talk about listening to our gut and understanding that we need to trust ourselves with the information given to make the right decision for our respective companies.

Her coach Levi Huffman inspires her to keep moving forward with help and guidance and wisdom. Along with her faith, keeps her motivated constantly.

Quote " What ever it is that stirs your soul, listen to that, the rest is just noise " -Nicole Vian.

She looks forward to not having to worry to much about income so much and to hopefully do some free work to help the less fortunate be able to cope and maybe raise there hope and spirit. It would mean the world to her to make others happy and healthy. Beka love the hope that comes long with being in her field. The fact she is in control of her life.

She talks about how she is tired of the 9-5 and her boss being in charge of her life instead of herself. She feels she needs to take control and stop trading the time for money.

in 6 months, she wants to have 15 regular consistent clients and helping churches and businesses. I think with her drive and love for her work she will achieve her goals.

Books Mentioned:
The 5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace: Empowering Organizations by Encouraging People-Gary Chapman, Paul White


The Lean Start-up - Eric Ries


Commercial Affiliate
Elementary Analytics