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Beka George

Faith Life Coach

lets say hello to the next and newest Skoobelever family member Beka George! Faith based life coach extraordinaire!! With her faith and her life experiences, she can guide you to your goals and visions. with only 2 months under her belt, he already has clients lining up at her door. She believes that it is her calling in life to help people and to love people. She loves to say " To live life intentionally".

Marketing has been a struggle as it usually is for about every entrepreneur. So much advice from so many people can be frustrating. We talk about listening to our gut and understanding that we need to trust ourselves with the information given to make the right decision for our respective companies.

Her coach Levi Huffman inspires her to keep moving forward with help and guidance and wisdom. Along with her faith, keeps her motivated constantly.

Quote " What ever it is that stirs your soul, listen to that, the rest is just noise " -Nicole Vian.

She looks forward to not having to worry to much about income so much and to hopefully do some free work to help the less fortunate be able to cope and maybe raise there hope and spirit. It would mean the world to her to make others happy and healthy. Beka love the hope that comes long with being in her field. The fact she is in control of her life.

She talks about how she is tired of the 9-5 and her boss being in charge of her life instead of herself. She feels she needs to take control and stop trading the time for money.

in 6 months, she wants to have 15 regular consistent clients and helping churches and businesses. I think with her drive and love for her work she will achieve her goals.

Books Mentioned:
The 5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace: Empowering Organizations by Encouraging People-Gary Chapman, Paul White


The Lean Start-up - Eric Ries


Commercial Affiliate
Elementary Analytics


Jan. 4, 2022

Bekah George Faith Life Coach ep. 4

Todays new Skoobeliever is Bekah. She is an amazing life coach and helps people through thought and faith. She goes over her goals and the love of her work including a quote that keeps her motivated day in and day …

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